Rich Experience

Global Linkers has a rich experience in bringing overseas, to properly handle the accident during the trip, to make every effort to take care of the needs of business travel team friends, and seeking Make every journey have a happy finish, to achieve the maximum benefit of business travel!

Carefully arranged

We are experts in planning business travel! We will plan every detail of your itinerary in the light of your budget, size, purpose and some special requirements. On behalf of the hotel to order high-quality flight of course, we are part of the matter, careful arrangements for the local food and wine, but also make your company’s employees feel overjoyed, morale increased!

Large network

Planning business travel for many years, we not only have rich experience, but also with major airlines and hotel groups to establish a deep relationship so as to be able to grasp the fastest and the latest business travel information, to provide customers and the implementation of cost-effective business Tourism planning program.

Business travel expert

Let us carefully plan for you a happy and cost-effective business travel!

Global Linkers has more than 10 years of experience in tourism services, can definitely arrange a caring business trip for you.

The beauty of business travel is that it is flexible and flexible, regardless of the number of people, the number of days and the departure date. We can also plan for you, by arranging for an incentive trip to reward outstanding corporate employees, as well as preparing for overseas conferences, team building and study tours.

Our clients include multinational companies, SMEs in Hong Kong, societies and educational institutions. Each business trip can also be designed to meet the needs and preferences of our clients. Services include planning and ordering air tickets, arranging accommodation, transportation, meals, itineraries, venues, applying for visas and rental facilities, and more.

  • Corporate incentive travel
  • Agency staff travel
  • Organisation or Chamber of Commerce overseas delegation
  • Educational institutions academic exchange group
  • Exhibition delegation
  • Chinese citizens study tour
  • Conference delegation